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Selected Cases

Death on DartmoorDeath on Dartmoor
The greatest challenge an advocate can have is to represent a parent who has lost a child. Charlotte Shaw was only 14 years of age when she drowned on a Ten Tors school training expedition on 4th March 2007. It was alleged that her school was negligent in allowing her and other children to walk unaccompanied to a way point at Watern Tor in atrocious weather conditions. Ultimately the Court of Appeal found that whilst a teacher was negligent in not being able to navigate to the Tor to meet the children, it was speculative as to what would have...[more]

Morbidity of Cardiac SurgeryMorbidity of Cardiac Surgery
Advancing a case of negligence 27 years after an infant of 5 months underwent life saving cardiac surgery which resulted in her suffering spastic quadriplegia, epilepsy, hearing and visual loss, behavioural problems and significant cognitive impairment was never going to be easy. As recognized by the Court of Appeal (Grace Mugweni v NHS London [2011] EWCA Civ 20) “this must have been an extremely difficult trial for all concerned: both in the presentation of the respective cases by the respective advocates and in the resolution of the issues by the trial judge.”  The case was upheld on negligence but finally...[more]

Pharmaceutical Product LiabilityPharmaceutical Product Liability
One of the most scientifically complex pieces of pharmaceutical product liability litigation concerned allegations against 3 companies that they had supplied so-called “third generation” combined oral contraceptives (“COC3”) which gave rise to a doubling of the risk of venous thromboembolism as indicated in a letter published by the Committee on Safety of Medicines (“CSM”) in October 1995. I was instructed on behalf of John Wyeth & Brother Ltd. A large legal team for the Defendants successfully demonstrated that the studies relied upon by the CSM and the Claimants did not support the allegations and the Court found as a matter...[more]