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5th Edition of Clinical Negligence5th Edition of Clinical Negligence
  Today, I am pleased to announce the publication of the 5th Edition of Clinical Negligence (2015: Bloomsbury Professional).   This important multi-contributor book spanning the professions of medicine and the law where they interface is the product of 3 years work. Dr Anthony Barton and I have for this edition had the privilege of help and support from Sir Barry Jackson, a past president of the Royal College of Surgeons whom we appointed as Assistant Editor. Coincident with the book’s publication and as the book’s editors Anthony and I have the leading letter in today’s copy...[more]

The Medical Innovation BillThe Medical Innovation Bill
How is the Saatchi Bill progressing?   The parliamentary timetable is on course, but there is still a lot of division after a line by line examination of the Bill in the committee stage in the House of Lords. The present Bill (28th October 2014) is available on line. It is short and may give the false impression of simplicity. Because it has government backing it is likely to become law notwithstanding it being seen by many as unnecessary and, worse, potentially harmful to patients.     What are the key features of the Bill that are attracting attention?...[more]

Parents convicted on bad scienceParents convicted on bad science
The Panorama Programme “I want my Baby Back” broadcast on 13th January 2014 draws attention to the failings of the Family Courts. Relying on solely expert medical evidence of abuse, judges are ordering children to be taken into care. Medical evidence is fallible.   Too much reliance is often placed upon it. Parents should not have to have the burden of establishing an alternative and more plausible innocent explanation for the alleged “injuries”. In the absence of corroborating evidence parents should not have their children taken into care on the basis of expert medical evidence alone. Panorama explored cases where...[more]

Care of the ElderlyCare of the Elderly
The shocking report of the Care Quality Commission (CQC)  (http://www.cqc.org.uk) is no surprise.Central to the poor care of the elderly in our hospitals is a lack of leadership and compassion.  This "culture" of poor care arises out of a lack of accountability.    Those who know what is right and what is wrong are often too fearful to speak out. Whistleblowing, far from being encouraged, is condemned.  Whistleblowers are ostracised and punished for speaking out.  Understandably so few have the courage to do so.  I have represented many families at inquests where their only interest is to...[more]

The Hillsborough Disaster Review 12 September 2012The Hillsborough Disaster Review 12 September 2012
The bereaved relatives of those who lost their lives in the Hillsborough Disaster on 15th April 1989 and the general public will get closer to the truth of what really happened that day with the forthcoming new inquest.  On the Today Programme, Trevor Hicks, said that the decision of the Coroner not to investigate the circumstances after 3.15 pm  (the time by which the victims had all presumed to have died) was not legally wrong, but it was morally wrong.  Unhappily it is a common problem with Coroners’ inquests: the cut-off time.  The investigation of violent death by coroners is limited...[more]